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In this sixth adventure Scary Bones, Sasha and Ben and the Red String, meet the Princess Tilly Whim and two Knights, Sir Moanalot and Sir Groanalot. The Princess is trying to save Lord Loveydovey who has been imprisoned by the mad bad magician Badtrix and his fire-breathing dragon, Volcano. Can our Heroes escape Badtrix's mad bad spells and Volcano's flames and save Lord Loveydovey?
'A ginormouslystupendously good book!' Ruby, Damers School, Dorchester.

 The Amazing Adventures of Scary Bones the Skeleton
         The Happiest, Friendliest Skeleton ANYWHERE!
           Stories for Children 5/6 to 12 EVERYWHERE!

Independent Review :‘fun from the very first page. Ron Dawson has a naturally funny voice and his words twist and dance in a hugely entertaining and captivating way. My daughter and I both had a good giggle many times at his fantastic turn of phrase. His characters are original and charming and there’s just the right amount of villainy and drama to excite and to thrill. The action-packed, humorous and original stories will appeal to both boys and girls.’ Review

See and hear the Mini-Bournmouth Symphony Orchestra playing the Scary Bones signature tune and other music they composed for Scary Bones & Pirates of Brownsea Island in their Family Concerts on You Tube, Search: mini-BSO pirates.The mini BSO has also performed and composed music as part of their Family Concerts for the Wacky Witches' and the Nasty Romans' Adventures.

Scary Bones the Skeleton : The Lost Dog and Bone
Written by Ron Dawson, Illustrated by Sue Burleigh.

'The most wonderful book in the whole wide world', Lettie, 7.
'The very nicest story I have ever heard,' Grace,7.(St. Andrew's Cof E Primary School, Fontmell Magna).
'Thank you for the humour in this story and scaredy scaredy custard,' Lewis. 8
'I hope that we can buy this book!' Nina and Jessica, 8 & 9.
'We liked it when Scary Bones turned gold when he was happy and gray when he was sad,' Olivia and Tara, 8. Northstead School, Scarborough.
'He keeps it in his Tardis,.. it is a very treasured possession.' Parent.
'Very good to 'read to the class' because of the cliff hangers.' Teacher.
This book has been found to delight anyone young at heart. It is a traditional story for reading to younger children and non-readers and as a page-turner time and time again  reading book for older readers. An original heartwarming tale destined to become a future classic. 

Scary Bones meets the Pirates of Brownsea Island
Written by Ron Dawson, Illustrated by Sue Burleigh.
In this adventure Scary Bones, Sasha and Ben are captured by Captain Cross Bones and those baddest of bad pirates, Pillage and Plunder. The pirates are after old Captain Grow Bag’s treasure which is buried on Brownsea Island. Can our brave heroes, helped by the Red String and the island’s Red Squirrels, keep the treasures of Brownsea Island safe for us all to enjoy for ever. Here's what some of the important critics who read the first drafts of the story said.

'I liked your book Ron, it is funny and an extraordinary book.’  Katlin.
Hilarious, funny and frightening, and, best of all, a pirate story.' Max.
‘I loved it, it was amazing. I liked it when they took Scary apart.' Anna.
                                                               Pupils of Milldown CofE School, Blandford.
A real recipe for success!... dinosaur bone horns and evil pirates led to hugely successful story times. They listened wide-eyed to every word.’      
We loved the story, Scary Bones is part of a world where greed doesn’t pay and the good guy always wins.                 Teachers, Fontmell Magna CofE School.
‘A brilliant story. A great adventure that we all enjoyed.'  Izzy and Ben.
We really enjoyed this new adventure, perhaps even more than the first! Jago is very fond of Scary Bones, he is a well-loved friend.’   Parent.
‘Ron Dawson’s magical story and Sue Burleigh’s delightful illustrations make this second Scary Bones’ adventure a ‘must read’ for all children, parents and teachers. Sue Bates, Past Chair, Fed. Children’s Book Groups. 
‘Another rollicking adventure in the Scary Bones series. My husband enjoys reading them as much as Freda enjoys listening to them. This one has excitement, fun, songs, some nasty pirates and two not-so-scary skeletons! What more could any child want?’         Huckleberry Books.

                                                                                      Written by Ron Dawson, Illustrated by Sue Burleigh.

'The greatest book I have ever read. Thank you for writing it.’   Layla.
I like Scary Bones... he is funny and wonderful.’  Nimra.

‘I like Scary Bones... he glows a lot, smiles a lot and is happy.’  Hassan.  'The children are big fans of Scary Bones, Sasha and Ben.' Teacher.
                                                   Pupils and Teacher, Anderton Park School, Birmingham.

The Scary Bones' adventures  are not just good stories, they give magical moments that will last in the memory for ever, and perhaps just a little bit longer.'    Sue Bates, Former Chair, Federation of Children's Book Groups.

                                                                                       Written by Ron Dawson, Illustrated by Sue Burleigh.

In this fourth adventure Scary Bones, the Red String and Sasha and Ben enter the magical world of Wareham's wacky witches and the evil wizard of Corfe Castle The children of Wareham have disappeared and the town is littered with sleepy cats and no-one knows why. Can Scary Bones rescue Sasha and Ben from the spell of two very strange and unusual lollipop ladies?

‘Simply Scary-tasic,
a joy to read! The stories wonderfully embody every child’s sense of humour and get adults laughing out loud too. Sue Burleigh’s comical illustrations add to the fun and complement the stories perfectly. Once read, never forgotten.’  Huckleberry Books, Blandford.

‘The Scary Bones’ stories have all a child and adult could want from a reading series. Witty, fast moving, fantastic and, above all, they motivate children to turn the page and read on. Every child’s bookshelf should include Scary Bones.’ Sue Bates, Former Chair, Fed. Children’s  Book  Grps.

Scary Bones & the Nasty Romans of Maiden Castle

Written by Ron Dawson
. Illustrated by Ron Dawson and Sue Burleigh

In this fifth adventure, Scary Bones and his friends are transported back to Roman Britain by the Celt Queen Do-you-see-her. Captured by the Maximus and Minimus, the nearly nastiest of all nasty romans, they are thrown into the arena by the Roman Governor, Verymuch Ridiculous, to fight the fearsome gladiators Biggest Bullyous and Baddest Brutus and the terrible Richard the hungry lion. Can Scary Bones, with the help of his magic Red String save himself and his friends from certain death in the arena?

‘The children identify with Scary Bones, Sasha and Ben and regard them as friends. The stories capture their imagination. They love the cliff-hangers in the stories and guessing what happens next. The use of actual places intrigues them. It makes the stories even more real, and provides opportunities for further learning and a broadening of their experiences.
Their biggest accolade is when we finish a story; they immediately ask to hear or read another. (PS. Teachers enjoy the stories as much as the children!)’ .  
Teacher, Anderton Park School, Birmingham.

 Now two for Adult Readers

     'An audacious robbery...An exciting adventure story...Refreshing realism ... Consistently entertaining.' Tindle Street Press 

The Worm that Flies in the Night

by Ron Dawson

Mulberry Tree's first publication was Ron Dawson's gripping novel, The Worm that Flies in the Night : A Diary of Incestuous Love and Serial Murder.
The title is drawn from William Blake's The Sick Rose, and is a unique dark thriller that 'looks into the psyche of a multiple killer driven to kill by his love for his mother. Ron Dawson's stunning narrative enters the disturbed mind of the killer with such credibility that it is both horrifying and fascinating .. ...A dark tale that weaves murder with the strongest of sexual taboos. I couldn't put it down.' Sue Bates, MA.(Book Reviewer).  


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The Building of the First Birmingham Canal (1750-1772)
by Ron Dawson.
The adopted son of a Birmingham Canal Boatman, Ron Dawson wrote this detailed and illuminating account while training to be a teacher of History in 1968. Rediscovered in 2008 it was decided to publish it as it stood, with few changes other than some minor editing and corrections. With copious maps and illustrations it is a fascinating and informative account for canal enthusiasts everywhere and for any wanting to know more about how Birmingham developed to became Britain's second city.
Target publication : Summer 2012.


The last lock of the first Birmingham Canal at Autherley Junction



'A good book is the best of friends, The same today and for ever'.

                                                                                                                                                                            (Martin Tupper (1810-1889)