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In this adventure Scary Bones, the Red String and Sasha and Ben are trapped inside a lost world of dinosaurs and cavemen. They meet Durdle Doorus the happiest  of all dinosaurs but Ziggy and Zaggy, two very bad cavemen, and Tyrone and Albert, two monster dinosaurs, all want to eat them for their supper. Can our brave heroes, helped by their friends Durdle Doorus, Dippy and Terry, escape from being eaten and find a way out of the lost world? 

In all of his adventures Scary Bones is accompanied by a magical and rather strange piece of red string, which is no less brave than Scary Bones himself, and indeed rescues and saves him and the children in many scary situations.

Every Scary Bones book comes with a mysterious sealed envelope which cannot be opened until the very end of the story. This adds excitement and mystery to the stories which both children and adults love and share.  

'The greatest book I have ever read. Thank you for writing it.’   Layla.
'I like Scary Bones... he is funny and wonderful.’  Nimra.

'I like Scary Bones... he glows a lot, smiles a lot and is happy.' Hassan.           
‘The children are big fans of Scary Bones, Sasha and Ben.’  Teacher
          Pupils and Teacher, Anderton Park School, Birmingham.

‘A funny good book. It makes you want to read more and more!’ Jack.  
It is fantabulous. The best book yet.’ Billy. ‘I liked all of it!’ Sophie.

‘It makes you determined to read more.’  Megan.                     
Pupils, Milldown Primary School, Blandford.

‘Fast and funny. The children were enthralled and could not wait for the next instalment,’  Teacher, Sandroyd School, Tollard Royal, Wiltshire.

‘Children like things that are scary and things that are happy.Ron Dawson. ‘And things that are magical!’  Hebe, Pupil,  Sandroyd School, Tollard Royal.

  A little scary, hugely happy and always magical. That’s Scary Bones!

‘The Scary Bones’ adventures are not just good stories, they give magical moments that will last in the memory for ever, and perhaps just a little bit longer.’ 
                                                       Sue Bates,  Former Chair,    Federation of Children’s Book Groups. 

Ron Dawson has created a character who is loved by all who are young at heart. Original heart warming stories destined to become future classics.

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