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      The Sick Rose

O Rose, thou art sick!

The invisible worm 

That flies in the night, 

In the howling storm,  

Has found out thy bed    

Of crimson joy; 

And his dark secret love

Does thy life destroy.

William Blake 1757-1827

A multiple killer stalks the streets of a city. He kills young innocent women. He attacks and kills them randomly without pity or remorse. But he kills men too, any he believes might stand between him and his ultimate destiny. And what drives this monster to kill is an ageless, powerful and potentially destructive, force: a son’s love for his mother. 

Ron  Dawson's gripping new thriller : The  Worm that Flies in the Night: A Diary  of Incestuous Love and Serial  Murder, is Mulberry Tree Books' first publication. The title is drawn from William Blake's  The Sick Rose, and is a unique dark  thriller that 'looks into the psyche of a  multiple killer driven to kill by his love  for his mother. Ron Dawson's stunning  narrative enters the disturbed mind of  the killer with such credibility that it is  both horrifying and fascinating ..  I couldn't put it  down.' Sue Bates (Book  Reviewer).

‘A brilliant exploration of the criminal psyche. A gripping and unnervingly accurate  portrait of  an obsessive and  psychopathic killer.’  Dr Roger Merry, Cognitive Psychologist.  

‘Breaks the mould for crime thrillers. ‘Who dunnit?’ is turned on its head to become ‘Why did he do it?’  The distorted reality of a sociopath presented in all its horror. A must read’.   
 Mike Ford, Detective Sergeant (Ret) Crime Squad. 

‘ A modern Greek tragedy inspired by the most ancient of sexual taboos and an informed understanding of  behavioural and emotional  maladjustment. ’    
 Peter Penrose, Consultant Psychologist and Expert Witness 

ISBN 978-0-9561732-0-1               RRP  £8.99     Available from April 2009. All books ordered direct from MTBs are mailed with FREE Post and Packing