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The Lost Dog and Bone is the first of the Amazing Adventures of Scary Bones the Skeleton and the first of Mulberry’s Magical Stories for Children Series. 

Scary Bones is a delightful character who lives in a box beneath the bottom-most stairs. As he tells Sasha and Ben, the two children who find, name and befriend him, his ‘old brain box is quite empty!’ He is indeed quite brainless. But he is not as brainless as he appears and is by far the bravest of all skeletons, a skeleton super-hero. And he changes colour too. When he is happy, he turns a lovely golden colour. When he is sad, he becomes grey. And when he needs to frighten big bad adults, he becomes a shining scary silver.    

In all of his adventures Scary Bones is accompanied by a magical and rather strange piece of red string, which is no less brave than Scary Bones himself, and indeed rescues and saves him and the children in many scary situations.

In this adventure Sasha, Ben, Scary Bones and the Red String set out to find one of Scary Bones’ bones that has been lost and to rescue the town’s dog population that has been dognapped by the notorious dognappers Snatchett and Grabbett. Along the way they also meet Mrs. Grumble who is ‘always complaining' and her aptly named little dog, Grouchey. Each book comes with a mysterious sealed envelope which must not be opened until the very end of the story. The story is illustrated by Sue Burleigh’s charmingly funny and intricate line drawings.

 ‘The most wonderful book in the whole wide world’. Lettie 
'The very nicest story I have ever heard’. 

‘We all loved the story very very much.’
Pupils of St Andrew’s CofE School, Fontmell Magna

I liked humour and the funny scaredy scaredy custard’.  Lewis
‘Thank you for writing this book. I hope we can buy it.’ Nina and  Jessica.
‘It was great. We liked it when Scary Bones turned golden when he was happy and grey when he was sad.’ Olivia and Tara.                     Pupils of Northstead School, Scarborough.

‘A fab book! As soon as we had finished reading it, Jago wanted to make a skeleton. He wants to buy the book immediately!’  
‘He keeps it in his Tardis….it is a very treasured possession!’  Parent
‘Very good to ‘read to the class’ because of all the cliff hangers.’ Teacher.
‘The whole class were captivated. They loved making the sounds’ Teacher
Ron Dawson has created a character who will be loved by all who are young at heart. An original heart warming tale destined to become a future classic.

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Mulberry’s Magical Stories for Children Series are traditional style stories for reading to children from five years upwards or for reading by more able readers up to 12 years.